Opening: June 1st 2013

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“You’ve only been here seven months, and you’re opening a store already.”

It’s a normal remark that we hear at this point.  Jon and I joke about it.  We don’t have any time to waste, I tell Jon.  Although, it’s funny, it’s also exciting how fast things have been moving since we’ve been in the bay area.

Jon was telling me the other day how moving to Oakland has been a lot different than when he moved to other cities.  Instead of searching for people and trying to meet everybody, he’s going with the flow.  Meeting people as they come and doing the work that he needs to do.

And, the two of us have been working hard.  Hella hard.  The Grease Diner is going to be opening June 1st, 2013.  Three weeks away, lots of progress done, and some more work to go.

So, that’s the news.  East bay open studios.  June 1st and 2nd, 8th and 9th.  We’ll be open from 11am – 9pm.  Come by for some gluten free and vegan cookies.

Lots of love,

the grease diner


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